Focus on People –  We will:

  • Recruit and retain the right people, providing our staff with the appropriate development opportunities
  • ‘Fit the right people’ to the client by understanding accurately our Client requirements
  • Provide all personnel with progressive site specific training, measured by our own unique Competancy Management System
  • Provide employee’s with career development strategies and opportunities
  • Reward innovation, professionalism and recognise good work
  • Encourage our people to generate ways in which they and the company can continuously improve, internally and externally.
  • Provide exceptional leadership
  • Ensure our Occupational Health and Safety Programs protect our employees in the course of their duties


Focus on our Customers –  We will:

  • Proactively support our clients, regularly suggesting innovation and ideas for continuous improvement
  • Ensure all personnel are fully conversant with and embrace our clients culture
  • Ensure all personnel fully understand and comply with all Standard Operating Plans, Procedures and Contractual Commitments
  • Conduct our services under recognised standards and within the parameters of legislation
  • Submit reports on time,  and with sufficient and accurate information
  • Always remain transparent in our business dealings and our relationship with client
  • Ensure with the utmost importance, to keep Open and Honest Communication