* Leadership is Paramount in achieving Superior results in a Team Environment*

SOS possesses the Talent and Ability of the finest caliber which is developed, through our Culture and Positive Influence, in our Security Officers by form of Leadership.

Where most CEO’s and MD’s are strictly Business hours administration clerks – Zayne never forgets what the Industry is about or where he spent 20 years in the field within the Sydney Metropolitan; rather he enjoys being amongst SOS‘s Staff and Clients at times around the clock on any day of the week ; especially those busy periods where your business needs the Best of the Best! Zayne is the consummate professional with the complete skill set who has evolved the Security Professional into the Service Professional.

SOS can provide your Solution to Service of:

  • Customer Service Security Officers:
  • VIP Gaming Service:
  • Crowd Control Officers:
  • RSA Marshalls:
  • Construction Site Security:
  • Static Patrol Officers:
  • Close Personal Protection (CPP):
  • Risk Management:

Our belief is that with our focus on Quality – your Service Standards and Ethos will always be enhanced which is what a Service Provider is meant to do!

Please contact us to discuss how we can help you protect your Assets and benefit your Business!