Customer Service Security Officers


Exceptional Customer Service Skills are a Core Requirement for all personnel at SOS. It is this Strategy in line with our vision of the Service Professional which enhances the product offered to Our Customers – You and your Customers!

It is true that every Client and every site is different. Sometimes the same site will be managed differently by the various Leaders within your Organisation. SOS is not a Rigid Organisation that brings a Narrow minded Service. Part of our service is our ability to adapt to changing environments and the unknown variables that turn up every day – along with the many grey area decisions that your trusted managers will need to make on the run. SOS‘s commitment to the Business Partnerships with our Customers drives the Uncompromising Support that we give and provide.

At SOS the management team and supervisors primarily focus on developing our teams and individuals to continually improve their performances and standard perceptions – across all operational facets including:

  • Direct Interaction with Key Stakeholders (Board, Management, Staff and Contractors)
  • Direct Interaction with Customers to your Business
  • Exceptional Image Awareness
  • Product Delivery of the finest details
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency

Our aim as Service Professionals is for you to be focused less on managing our staff and more on developing your business!